• Course Format

    Each class has a maximum number of enrolled students (25 for English Composition and Public Speaking, 60 for the rest of the courses). When the course is fully enrolled, it will be closed and students  will be added to the waiting list. The attendance policy follows the related regulations of UIBE. For details, please refer to the Student Handbook upon orientation.

  • Credits

    Students have to pass their courses in order to receive credits, which will be awarded based on their final grades. Each course is awarded 4 credits on transcripts. During the application process, each student is strongly encouraged to work with his/her home institution,including Study Abroad Office, Registrar's Office or Academic Advisor to determine what courses of the UIBE SIE Short-Term Academic Programs are accepted for credit transfer and to clarify the credit transfer procedures.

  • Academic Integrity

    All students are expected to present their own contribution in homework, assignments, exams and other forms of assessments. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the International Summer Sessions. All students need to sign the Academic Integrity Policy during the student orientation.

  • Attendance

    UIBE SIE Short-Term Academic Program is very intense and, to be successful, students need to attend every class session. Occasionally, a student may need to miss a class due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances. UIBE policy requires a medical certificate to be excused. Any unexcused absences may have impact on the student's grade. Moreover, According to UIBE policy, students who missed more than 1/3 of the classes (6 class times) of a course will automatically fail the course.

  • Grades

    The course grade follows the UIBE grading system and policies.Please refer to the following grading system for details.

    Numerical Grade Letter Grade GPA(on 0-4.0 scale)
    90-100 A 4
    85-89 A- 3.7
    82-84 B+ 3.3
    78-81 B 3
    75-77 B- 2.7
    72-74 C+ 2.3
    68-71 C 2
    64-67 C- 1.5
    60-63 D 1
    < 60 F 0
  • Add/Drop/Switch Courses

    Add Course: Add the course through online application system before the start of the session. Or come to the office and fill in the Add Form after the start of the session.

    Drop Course: Drop the course through online application system before the start of the session. Or fill in the Drop Form at office and confirm about the refund after the start of the session.

    Switch Course: Switch the course through the Online Application System before the start of the session. Or come to the office and fill in the Switch Form after the start of the session.

    Please note we do not accept adding/dropping/switching course application after courses add/drop/switch deadline.


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