What about meals?

Meals are not included in the program fees. There are many cafeterias with average cost of one to two dollars per meal and small restaurants on and near the UIBE campus. Each student will get a student ID card, which can be used for dinning once charged.

Will I have full access to the libraries and other campus facilities?

Student will be given a student ID card during registration, which will give them full access to the libraries and other campus facilities. Students will get more information at the on-site orientation.

Can I live in an on-campus dorm?

Students are recommended to stay on campus, as this will be a good chance to get to know your classmates and take advantage of the facilities available on campus. However, on-campus housing is limited, so those wishing to stay on-campus are highly recommended to book the on-campus housing online and pay for the housing fees as early as possible.

What about off-campus activities?

Beijing is a city combined modernity and traditional culture. A huge variety of leisure activities ranging from shopping to sightseeing are available for you. The SIE Short-Term Academic Programs will organize trips to famous historical sites and provide you the opportunity to network with students and professors.

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